Professional Metal Detox in San Diego

During your next hair color service at our San Diego location, try our Metal Detox Treatment for less hair breakage, healthier hair, and more consistent overall color.

Benefits of Metal Detox

  • Stops up to 87% of hair breakage
  • Refreshes the hair color without toner
  • Treatments can be done every time you get color
  • Compatible with all hair colors; even bleach and Balayage!
  • Creates more consistent overall color
  • Doesn’t add more time to your hair appointment

We sell all of the L’oreal Metal Detox products for you to use at home, including the shampoo and conditioner. We recommend using both the shampoo and conditioner for the first month after your salon treatment.

  • Metal Detox Treatment
    (added onto your regular service)$40+

*Book your appointment and get this as an add-on in the salon
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How Metal Detox Works

Our Metal Detox service works to remove chemicals from hair before the coloring process to create healthier hair and more consistent overall color.

Step 1: Neutralize the Metal

Your stylist will apply the pre-treatment spray to help neutralize excess copper in the hair. Your stylist will simply spray the formula onto dry hair from root to tip in successive separations, letting it dry while preparing your color service.

Step 2: Gently Remove Metal

A cleansing cream shampoo detoxes the hair after the service. It can be used once or twice to help cleanse the hair and remove the excess colour and excess copper.

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A Revolutionary Treatment

Breakthrough research has shown that hair containing excess copper and other metals can contribute to significant breakage and uneven, inconsistent hair color during a color service. When an oxidant is added to the hair during the color process, the copper that may have accumulated over time inside the hair fiber can interact with it and cause interference, which leads to unreliable color uptake and breakage.

That’s where our new service comes in: Professional Metal Detox! L’oreal Professional Metal Detox is a revolutionary full-service system designed to trap and neutralize metals and keep hair healthier during a color service. The system features Glicoamine, the only molecule small enough to penetrate and neutralize metal inside the hair fibre.

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Book Your Metal Detox!

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