Hair Color FAQs

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What is a Single Process Retouch?

During Single Process Retouch, color is applied to the root area or new growth area of the hair only. This service is recommended for customers who are looking to touch up and maintain their color, rather than an all-over head color application.

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What is a Single Process Color?

During Single Process Color treatment, a color or toner is applied all over to create a single color. The hair color is lifted and/or deposited in one easy step. We typically recommend this service for covering grays, those looking to change their hair color, and for adding shininess to dull hair.

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What is a Full Balayage / Baby Light / Hair Painting?

Full Balayage is a technique of coloring hair in which the color is painted by hand (rather than traditional foiling highlighting techniques) to create natural-looking, lived-in highlights with a less apparent regrowth line than traditional highlights.

Balayage is a very low maintenance option because the highlights do not go all the way to the scalp – think “sunkissed” or “beachy” highlights. This is the perfect treatment for those looking to mix up their hair color and add in extra dimension and texture.

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What is a Half Balayage / Baby Light / Hair Painting?

Half Balayage is perfect for the non-committal type! This technique results in a lot less color than a full Balayage treatment. Ideal for touch-ups, or if it has been more than six weeks since your last Balayage treatment.

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What is a Full Foil Highlight Treatment?

During a Full Foil Highlight treatment, foils for highlights will be placed all over the head. We recommend scheduling a full head highlighting service to first-time customers or customers who have never had a highlighting treatment.

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What is a Half Head Foil Highlight Treatment?

Half head highlights create a brightening effect where highlights are added to some of the hair. Most of your natural color will still peek through from the back and sides, and around the nape of the neck.

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What is a Highlight Placement?

Highlight placement creates a framing / brightening effect around the face, where highlights are placed to frame your face and boost your natural color.

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What is a Double Process Color?

This service allows your stylist to utilize two techniques. These techniques often include a base color, highlights, lowlights, and balayage. Depending on your desired look your stylist will recommend the right options. This service is perfect for those multi-dimensional looks!

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What is a Toner / Glaze / Root Shadow / Clear Shine?

Refresh your color in between full color service with toner, glaze, or root shadowing. This service keeps the color fresh between visits and cancels out unwanted tones in your hair. A Glaze can also work as a topcoat for the hair, adding shine, richness, and helping color to last longer.

This technique is not meant to lighten, brighten, or add highlights to the hair. Price applies per color application. After your toner or glaze treatment, hair will be blown dry and styled.

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What is a Toner / Glaze / Root Shadow / Clear Shine with Blowout?

Same as above, but without a blowout at the end of the treatment.

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What is a Platinum All Over?

Think Madonna, Gaga and Monroe. All-over or full head platinum blonde color application. Price varies depending on hair length, texture, and current color, which is why a consultation is required in order to determine costs.

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What is a Platinum Retouch?

Blonde color retouch is for new growth and regrowth only. Your stylist will touch up and lighten the roots to maintain a fresh platinum blonde look. Recommended if it has been about six weeks or less from your last retouch.

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What is a Specialty Color?

In an effort to reach your hair color dreams, at times we may go off-menu in order to fulfill Speciality Color treatments. Specialty Color requests such as advanced color work, extreme changes, and multi-stage processes within one visit will incur al la carte pricing. Don’t worry, your technician will clearly define your goals and costs before you get started. Complimentary consultation required for Specialty Color treatments.

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What is a Color Correction?

The term “Color Correction” refers to any change to previously colored hair. Sometimes it is an extreme change in someone’s hair color – going from a lighter color to a darker color, or from a darker color to lighter color. It can also apply to changing the tonal values of your hair color.

In some cases, it is used to remove the brassiness from blonde hair color. This service requires a complimentary consultation because your hair history plays a large role in achieving the desired results. Please make sure to tell your stylist everything–don’t hold back! Also, keep in mind that color correction can take several sessions.

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What are Vivids?

Think up your dream hair: slate grey, jewel tones, pastel colors, rainbow, or blush? Whichever style you’re looking for, we can create it! Consultation is required. Please note that this price does not include bleaching service to achieve desired results.

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