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If you’re looking for expert hair color professionals in San Diego, you’ve come to the right place! The possibilities are endless, hand-crafted, and intuitive when it comes to hair color at Wild Honey Salons. From balayage to all-over color, grey coverage, highlights, and everything in between, our experienced stylists will take the time to listen to you and create the perfect look.

Professional, Customized Hair Color in San Diego

Through our craft, we create completely customized hair color, and we have perfected the art of making every client feel beautiful and confident. It’s our job to help you express your unique style – whether it’s one of the latest trends, bohemian, minimalist, traditional, or modern.

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Expert Hair Color Services In San Diego

Whether you’re looking for full balayage, a quick retouch, or a brand-new look with a complete color transformation, our talented stylists can help you create the look of your dreams. As hair color experts in San Diego, we offer a comprehensive list of hair coloring services; from balayage to specialty color and everything in between, including:

Single Process

  • Retouch 99+
  • All Over 159+

Balayage Hair Painting

  • Half (includes 1 toner / blow-dry) 279+
  • Full (includes 1 toner / blow-dry) 299+

Highlight / Babylight Foil

  • Half (includes 1 toner and blow-out) 259+
  • Full (includes 1 toner and blow-out) 279+
  • Placement Highlight (includes 1 toner and blow-dry) 199+
  • Babylight Full (includes 1 toner and blow-dry) 345+
  • Toner / Glaze / Root Shadow / Clear Shine w/Blow-dry 145+
  • Transformation Color  (Requires Consultation)


  • Transformation  (Requires Consultation)
  • All Over 305+
  • Retouch (Standard)
  • Retouch (Overdue) 255+
  • Keratin Treatment 279+
  • Keratin Chocolate Treatment 305+
  • New Guest Lightening Balayage / Highlights 319+
  • Dual Technique (includes 1 toner and blow-dry) 379+

Transform Your Look at Wild Honey

Changing your hair color – even if it’s just a shade lighter or darker – has the ability to completely transform your look. At Wild Honey Salon, our expert colorist will work with you to create the results you want, whether it’s a simple root touch-up or a vibrant new shade you’re trying for the first time.

What to Expect at Your Hair Color Appointment

When you come to our salon for a hair color service, your stylist will take a few minutes to understand your needs and preferences so that you leave with the hair you’ve always wanted and a style that makes you feel your absolute best.

We’re all about you and your unique style, so each haircut and color is crafted specifically for you. If we can make you smile bigger and walk with greater confidence, we know we are making a difference and that makes us happy.

Plus, during your service we will recommend professional hair care products for you to take home to care for your investment in your hair color treatment.

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Hair Color FAQs

Learn more about how we will achieve your stunning hair color transformation. Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Check out more of our Hair Color FAQs or visit our Contact Page to send us an email or call our salon at (619) 255-9779.

How to Prepare for Your Appointment

Bring Inspo Pics! 

We request that you come prepared to your consultation with 1-3 images that you can share with your Stylist. Your Stylist will provide you with an evaluation of your hair and discuss the ability and processes it will take to achieve your desired look prior to your allotted appointment time. Please let your Stylist know if you need a price breakdown in advance. 

Please note that not all hair color images can be duplicated exactly. Many online images are filtered and therefore not realistic. Your wave pattern, density, texture, length, level of resistance, previous hair color history, natural shade, and other factors affect how color or bleach processes in your hair, and you will not know how some of those factors come into play until you actually begin the color process.

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How much will my hair color cost?

Based on your length, existing color, texture and density (how much hair you have) combined with the products, techniques and services provided to reach your desired end result, we can provide you an estimate up front following a consultation only. 

Please note that price quotes can only be given by a stylist following a consultation – we do not offer telephone quotes due to the highly customized nature of our color services. A consultation will provide you the opportunity to share your inspiration pics with your stylist and to receive the most accurate price quote in advance, as well as allow for any pre-color treatments your hair might require or benefit from.

Some color services may incur additional fees in addition to pre-quoted fees for required technique or product used if your hair responds unpredictably.

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Will color damage my hair?

Hair color is a chemical. In order to deposit color into your hair shaft, peroxide is used to deposit color. Hair may feel drier following lightening services and can become brittle and dry if not properly treated before, during, and after your color service. Removing color from hair with bleach has the greatest potential for damage to your hair if not done professionally.

We are a dedicated Alfaparf professional salon and with much pride, ensure the highest quality of color products are used on your hair. Alfaparf is a superior color line that uses the latest technology, lower levels of ammonia, and offers both permanent & demi-semi-permanent colors to ensure the optimal health of your hair. 

During your consultation, please be honest and prepared to explain previous hair color, products, and treatment history to ensure the best result. Our top priority is to maintain the integrity of your hair and we will always recommend proper styling aids, moisture care, conditioner, and treatments to protect your hair and hair investment! We DO RESERVE THE RIGHT to deny any color or service requests that we feel may create damage to your hair.

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How long will my color last?

Permanent Color stays in your hair until it grows out or is removed by decolorizing it with lightener. Permanent colors will fade and may require freshening up after about 28 shampoos. Permanent color is primarily used on roots due to its permanency. (Darker colors typically last longer; reds often fade faster due to their molecular structure)

Semi-Permanent Color lasts about 8-15 Shampoos. Semi-permanent colors are typically used for ends (non roots), for toning highlighted hair or to colorize hair to achieve a specific tone, and to “blur” grey or for any guest wanting to try a new color without a permanent commitment to it. Semi-Permanent colors should be refreshed every 4-6 weeks for continued tonal quality, shine, and health of hair. Semi-permanent color coats the hair strands adding support and shine to the hair.

Bleaching (aka decolorizing) hair removes color permanently. Toning ($45+) is required following bleach to acquire most desired tones.

Other Contributing Factors:

  • Your hair’s pre-color condition will contribute to the longevity of your color
  • Sun exposure will lighten or fade color. Washing hair in hot water can also contribute to fading (we recommend warm water for regular shampooing). 
  • Heat styling can lighten color, so heat protection styling aides are essential. Improper and low-quality hair products can strip color quickly, therefore we recommend only the finest quality products be used on your hair color investment, like Bumble Eleven Randco.
  • Masks, deep conditioning treatments and Olaplex will all increase the longevity and health of your color.
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How long will it take to achieve my desired color?

Application time for color ranges from 20-30 min (single root color or glaze) to 90-220 min (highlighting or foils). Processing time for color ranges from 5 minutes for a blonde toning to 1 hour for highly resistant hair. The range is wide and is determined by the specific technique, product resistance, and condition of your hair.

*All times are average and approximate. Timing should be discussed with your Stylist if it is a concern. DO NOT try to “squeeze in” amazing color 🙂 * 

Basic Root Color retouch: Application time: 30-45 min I Processing time: 45 min 

Highlighting: Application time: 60 – 90 min I Processing time: 45-60 min 

Baby lights: Application time: 1-2 hours | Processing time: 45-60 min 

Long, thick, resistant, and grey hair may require additional product and time, therefore additional fees may be applied. Any such fees will be presented in advance of application. 

Additional Bowl Fee: $25 each

Great hair takes time and we want you to have GREAT HAIR! Rushing the color process usually doesn’t end well. In addition, some popular colors/styles can take several visits to achieve; multiple sessions may be prescribed based on your desired look and will be associated with appropriate fees.

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