Hair extensions are a fantastic way to add fullness and length to your hair. You can opt for a bombshell voluminous look or a more subtle style to enhance your natural hair. Today’s innovative hair extensions provide a beautiful and natural look without damaging your natural hair.

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Hand-Tied Hair Extensions, Bankers Hill San Diego

Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

  • 1st Application, 2 Rows of Hair: 400
  • Removal + Move Up: 300
  • Removal: 200

Hand-tied hair extensions are semi-permanent pieces that create an all-natural look with high quality hair. Each hand-tied extension uses wefts of hair that have been hand-tied together. In contrast to traditional machine-tied extension wefts, tie-in extensions aren’t bulky and lay flat against your scalp.

These thin wefts are especially ideal for those with fine hair and those who want to avoid the heat or glue of tape-ins. Hand-tied extensions are incredibly comfortable, long-lasting, and maintain their shape for several weeks at a time. When hand-tied extensions are added to your hair, beads are used to create rows across your head using your natural hair. Hand tied wefts are then sewn onto the rows.

Hand-tied extensions will need to be moved up roughly every 8-10 weeks depending on how fast your natural hair grows.

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Tape-In Hair Extensions Bankers Hill, San Diego

Tape-In Hair Extensions

  • 1st Application: 300
  • Removal + Move Up: 400
  • Removal: 200

Tape-in hair extensions are one of the latest salon trends because they look natural and feel amazing. They are semi-permanent and reusable, which means they last much longer than other application methods, and incredibly lightweight, allowing you to achieve the volume you want without feeling weighed down.

Because they are so thin, tape-ins are inherently natural-looking. Our tape-in extensions are applied in a pattern, with the natural hair in between two pre-taped wefts. The entire process takes about an hour, though appointment time varies based on your current hair length. In order for your tape-in extensions to have body and movement, your stylist can apply shorter wefts throughout the hair.

After your initial installation, prepare to fit touch-ups into your schedule every 5-7 weeks for maintenance.

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