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If you’re looking for stunning professional balayage in San Diego, you’ve come to the right place! At Wild Honey Salons located in Bankers Hill, we specialize in expert, handcrafted hair color; especially balayage, or hair painting.

What to Know About Balayage

Balayage is a French style of coloring hair in which the color is painted by hand to larger sections of hair without foil (rather than traditional foiling highlighting techniques) to create natural-looking, lived-in highlights with a less apparent regrowth line than traditional highlights.

Balayage gives the look of naturally “sun lightened” hair. Your natural color will remain at the roots, so your hair will have darker roots and lighter ends.

Balayage is a lived-in look that is lower maintenance, but it does require color refreshing between lightening services to look its best. This is the perfect treatment for those looking to mix up their hair color and add in extra dimension and texture. Balayage can also grow out naturally and still look good, if you’re not ready to commit to highlighting retouches every 6–12 weeks.

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Expert Balayage in San Diego for All Hair Types

With an educated and talented stylist, balayage hair looks great on blondes, brunettes, redheads, and everyone in between. Our San Diego stylists use a technique that utilizes highlights and lowlights to give a sun-kissed, multidimensional effect to any hair color, type, or length (except very short hair).

We can also combine balayage with babylights, which are soft, delicate highlights that add extra bright pops around the face. If you’re feeling playful, we can even blend in a splash of jewel-toned hair color, like purple or blush pink.

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What to Expect at Your Balayage Appointment

It typically takes about 2–3 hours (depending on your hair length and existing color) for your stylist to balayage your hair. It can also take slightly longer if your stylist has to convert foil-highlighted hair to balayage.

Balayage allows a more blended and natural grow out than other traditional hair coloring techniques, which typically need to be retouched every 6 weeks. Many of our clients choose to come in for a gloss or glaze in between appointments to freshen up their existing balayage.

Balayage starts at $279 for full head and is based on your hair’s condition, color history, length, density and texture and typically takes longer to perform than typical foil highlights.

During your service we will also recommend professional hair care products for you to take home to care for your investment in your balayage treatment.

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